Digital Artefact: Reading Top Comments: A Non-Canonical Way to Understand Cultures

My portfolio showcases various stages of my final Digital Artefact (DA) created throughout the Digital Asia (BCM320) subject.

A description of the project

Initially inspired by the live-tweeting session of Guardian (2018; aka Zhen Hun) in BCM320, I gave a beta account of my independent autoethnographic investigation, which looks into Vietnamese young people’s production and consumption of translated Chinese netizens’ top comments on Facebook (including myself). Considering the feedback I received, I then expanded the scope of my project by looking into the production and consumption of translated Chinese top comments.

The DA includes six pieces of writing, which are:

  • Report
  • Beta presentation of autoethnography (Unpacking the process)
  • Critical Reflection
  • Final DA
  • Final Critical Reflection (The Journey)
  • References

Please click the embedded links in each image above to see different stages of my project.

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